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How to Use the LJ-Cut Tag

Are you new to LiveJournal?

Or perhaps you're just unfamiliar with the LJ-Cut tag?

It's very EASY to learn how to use it. smile

Q: Why should I use the lj-cut tag?

A: Here at our community, use of the lj-cut tag is REQUIRED.

But it's a good idea to use it everywhere -- even in your personal journal. If you have a habit of posting long entries, the lj-cut tag makes long entries more 'flist (LJ friends) friendly.'

Posting photos (and other images) often will cause problems for various journal styles, making them hard to read. The same is true for links (especially long links). Again, the lj-cut tag can take care of the problem!

Q: But you can't SEE what I've written! Where does it go?

A: The lj-cut tag is like putting a cover on a book. You click the lj-cut link to 'open' the book and read the contents.

Remember: The lj-cut tag is your friend!

Q: Okay, you've convinced me! But how do I use it?

A: Simple!

Add this code to your entry:


Then place your content here

[highlight, copy and paste the code]

Q: Can I change the default 'Read More...' text of the lj-cut link to something else?

A: Yes! Just use this code:

<lj-cut text="Your Text Here">

content here


[highlight, copy and paste the code]

For more information, Read this in LJ's FAQs. Be sure to click 'Read More' to see all of the information.

If you have any questions not covered here regarding the LJ-Cut Tag, please feel free to comment to this entry.

Michael michaelkillan
Kit kitrocks
Jimbo just_jimbo

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