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Hello, I've just recently started writing drabbles and I'm looking for constructive criticism. I'll be writing from more than one fandom, so I was looking for a place that was more general, not limited to one fandom. If this LJ is still active, I'd like to hear from the moderators about posting. Thanks.

Our Template

All drabble posts should include the following template, posted OUTSIDE the lj-cut, at the top of your entry.

Don't worry if you mess up. Mistakes happen! The maintainers will attempt to comment and explain... smile

Please highlight, cut and paste the ENTIRE following template for your use:

NOTE: If any of the areas (lines) included in this template do not apply to your drabble, either put n/a (not applicable) or leave them blank. Thanks.

Word Count:
Pairing/Main Character:
Author Note:


Title: The name of your drabble.
If your drabble is deliberately untitled, please call it "Untitled, #_" -- using a numbering system to make it easier to refer to.

Word Count: Your exact word count.
If you need an easy way to count the number of words in your drabble, try one of the following:
**link counters**

Fandom: The full name of your fandom (or ship).
Pairing/Main Character: The full names of the main characters included in your drabble.
Using the full names of fandoms, characters and actors makes it easier for everyone. Not all members will be familiar with every fandom or every character.

For our template purposes, RP (real people) are viewed as 'characters.' Include RP names beside 'Pairing/Main Character:' -- and not beside 'Actor:' -- thanks!

Actors: The names of the actors who protray any tv or movie based characters.
Sharing the name (if known) of an actor who played a tv or movie based character makes it easier for members to picture an individual. We highly encourage you to include this. If you don't know the name, simply say so. If your fandom is book, comic or historically based, then put n/a or leave blank.

Author: Your author name.
This can be your LJ username, or any other name you like being referred to when writing fanfic (or both).

Feedback/Comments: Yes or no.
If you prefer not to receive comments to your drabble, please say NO after 'Feedback/Comments:' -- ADDITIONALLY, you might want to use the following code for that line:

NOTE: Do NOT disable comments -- in the event a maintainer wishes to post something (non-critical) regarding your work. Thanks.

!!!Warnings: Any necessary warnings.
Please read this for detailed information regarding warnings. Thanks!

Author Note: Any short note you wish to include. (Save longer notes for UNDER the cut, please. Thanks.)
A short author note might include the use of a beta (if any), a first-time post to the community, a first-time ever drabble, etc.

Once again, you may use your own template and/or additional areas (lines) under the cut at your own discretion.

Have any questions? Please post here.


How to Use the LJ-Cut Tag

Are you new to LiveJournal?

Or perhaps you're just unfamiliar with the LJ-Cut tag?

It's very EASY to learn how to use it. smile

Q: Why should I use the lj-cut tag?

A: Here at our community, use of the lj-cut tag is REQUIRED.

But it's a good idea to use it everywhere -- even in your personal journal. If you have a habit of posting long entries, the lj-cut tag makes long entries more 'flist (LJ friends) friendly.'

Posting photos (and other images) often will cause problems for various journal styles, making them hard to read. The same is true for links (especially long links). Again, the lj-cut tag can take care of the problem!

Q: But you can't SEE what I've written! Where does it go?

A: The lj-cut tag is like putting a cover on a book. You click the lj-cut link to 'open' the book and read the contents.

Remember: The lj-cut tag is your friend!

Q: Okay, you've convinced me! But how do I use it?

A: Simple!

Add this code to your entry:


Then place your content here

[highlight, copy and paste the code]

Q: Can I change the default 'Read More...' text of the lj-cut link to something else?

A: Yes! Just use this code:

<lj-cut text="Your Text Here">

content here


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For more information, Read this in LJ's FAQs. Be sure to click 'Read More' to see all of the information.

If you have any questions not covered here regarding the LJ-Cut Tag, please feel free to comment to this entry.

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You can CONTACT us by commenting to this entry.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about the community.

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What Are Fandom-Related Drabbles?

Fandom-related simply means that the characters in your drabbles come from some fandom, like Harry, Ron or Hermione from "Harry Potter," or Kirk and Spock from "Star Trek."

Although you can 'flesh out' the drabbles you share here with OCs (Original Characters), they shouldn't be the focus of your effort. (There are communities that focus entirely on non-fandom writing here at LJ, though, so don't despair! If this is what you prefer to read and write, there's a community out there just for you...)

For more information, you might want to check out:

If you have QUESTIONS, feel free to comment to this entry.

Community Rules

Our Community RULES

If you have questions about any of the following rules, please feel free to ask.

(We reserve the right to change these rules as we see necessary. In the event of a change, we will post to the community to inform all members of the update.)


  1. Writing and sharing drabbles is entirely voluntary. If you prefer to lurk, please feel free to do so. If you can only participate some weeks, that's fine. You don't have to meet any minimum posting requirements to join and belong to this community.

  2. All members are encouraged to introduce themselves, read the drabbles shared here, offer feedback, write and share drabbles, comment to topics of discussion and offer suggestions for future challenges or discussions. You may do any or all of these according to your personal preference.

  3. Though we've defined this is an all-age community, it's been designed by adults with adult members in mind. (Note that by 'adult' we do not mean pornographic! We're speaking of mature individuals of legal age.)

    Please note that each member is responsible for reading and paying attention to fanfic warnings. If a member posts a drabble with a template that clearly states some potentially offensive aspect, don't expect the maintainers to 'slap' any hands when you read and end up being offended. Whether you are an adult or not, you'll be expected to act like one here.

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    Additionally, mature language may occur in drabbles, comments and discussions. (In fact, we guarantee it!) If this kind of language offends you, you probably won't be comfortable as a member here.

  1. All posts to the community require the use of the lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to use it, please read this.

  2. You must use the following template OUTSIDE the lj-cut when posting your drabble(s) to the community. It contains all the necessary information to tell other members what they'll find when they go behind the cut. (This is an all-age community, so let's make it safe for everyone to participate by offering warnings about mature content.)

    Yes, you may use your own template inside the cut, if you wish. (It's fine to repeat the template information inside the lj-cut if using your normal template there.)

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  3. Your Subject line should look like this:

    #_ -- "Title of Your Drabble"

    Simply stated, put the number of the challenge, plus the title (name) of your drabble. (If your drabble is deliberately untitled, please call it "Untitled, #_" -- using a numbering system to make it easier to refer to.)

    All other essential information is covered by your (un-cut) template and does NOT need to be included in the subject line.

  4. Though a drabble is by definition 100 words, we'll allow drabbles, double-drabbles (200 words) and ficlets (300, 400 and 500 words). For the purposes of our community, a drabble is any fanfic that ranges between 100 - 500 words, with an exact count by increments of one hundred words.

    100 words = Good
    114 words = No good
    200 words = Good
    250 words = No good

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  5. Sorry, but at this time you may only post to the current challenge. However if enough members are interested in revisting a previous challenge, why not? Post here and let us know!

  6. Introductions are encouraged here. We suggest you use this guideline when posting an introduction.

  7. Posting any kind of promotions or advertisements without the permission of the maintainers will result in the entry being deleted. We might also decide to BAN the person who posts. If you want to be an affiliate, please post here. Otherwise, check **here** for links to promotional communities at LJ.

  8. All fandoms are welcome here. You may not share original works -- meaning entirely self-created fiction that is not based on some fandom. TV, movie, book, comic and Real Person fandoms are all acceptable.

  9. All types of fanfic are welcome here, including slash, femslash, het, gen and combos. If you're unfamiliar with these terms, please read Fandom Definitions.

  10. There are no off-limit subjects here. You'll find clear instructions on how to warn when using your community template (sometimes called a header). We suggest members to err on the side of caution and mention any elements that might offend, such as death, violence, spoilers, incest, underage, squick, non-con, BDSM, etc.

    For more information on these terms, please read warnings (in the list of Fandom Definitions).

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  11. Posts to the community must directly relate to the current challenge or topic of discussion. You may not share a non-challenge drabble(s) unless a maintainer has posted and set a period of time for Open posting. (Or in the event a challenge is not posted by midnight on Sunday night, which automatically makes the week Open.)

    Sorry, but OTs (off topic entries) aren't allowed.

    However, if it seems that members would like to become chatty about subjects not related to drabbles, we'd be glad to consider forming a sister community for the express purpose of friendly interaction.

    Be considerate of your fellow members and stay on subject, please.

  12. We prefer you post your work directly to the community, but are fine with you posting to your own journal. Please indicate when you're sharing a link as opposed to an lj-cut. Thanks.

  13. Please DO NOT disable comments to your drabble posts. (This is a banning offense.)

  14. Please DO NOT lock (filter) your posts. All posts shared should be public.

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  1. Feedback on posted drabbles is encouraged and appreciated!

    (Keep in mind that you're more likely to receive feedback from other members if you are generous about posting feedback to work shared here.)

  2. Non-writing members are especially encouraged to post feedback.

    This is one of the main ways you can participate, so feel free to jump in often.

  3. Non-members can also share their comments. (Many members link their community-shared fanfic inside their personal journals, after all.)

  4. The maintainers are not responsible for helping to govern any comments made in personal journals. In other words, if you share your drabbles via a link to your own journal, you must take the responsibility to govern unwanted responses.

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  5. The maintainers are responsible for assisting with any unwanted responses (comments) made inside the community -- WITHIN REASON. What does 'withing reason' mean? Please read on...

    Flaming is entirely unacceptable. (For more information, read flaming.) This includes any comments that are negative based solely on the type of work posted (such as slash or het) or the fandom they represent.

    However, honest examination of your work is acceptable, even if this means some comments might be critical in nature. If you don't want people to comment, please say so. (That's one of the reasons you post our community template.) If you've opted to allow comments, you should be open to both positive and negative comments regarding your work.

    Part of the purpose of this community is to help members who write and share drabbles to improve the quality of their work. To those ends, the maintainers do not discourage thoughtful examination of the work presented.

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    Keep in mind that there's a person on the other end of everything you read -- be it a drabble, another type of post or a comment.

  1. The maintainers will post each challenge sometime on Sunday. Challenges run from their posting until midnight (Pacific Time) on Saturday.

    If for any reason the maintainers fail to post a challenge by midnight Sunday night, members may consider that week to be Open -- meaning they may share any drabbles they wish!

    Challenges can be based on one word, several words, a sentence, a line from a song or a picture.

    (A challenge is simply that -- each member is challenged to write based on the weekly topic. It is not a contest -- and does not include voting or other means of selecting a winner. No awards are given for member participation.)

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  2. Currently the limit to how many drabbles you may share in a week is ten (10).

    Please note that this may change at some future date, depending on the number of members and how many posts are being made on a daily basis.

  3. If you post more than one drabble, please post each one individually.


    There are several reasons. For example, one of your drabbles may be mature, which means our underage members can't read it. Or the fandom or type of one of your drabbles might be offensive to some member.

    It's in your own interest to post separately, allowing members to easily pick and choose what they wish to read.

    It also makes it easier for the maintainers to add the drabble to our community memories.

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Thanks for taking the time to read these horribly lengthy rules! Obviously we're more detailed than we hope we need to be -- just so any and all potential questions can (hopefully) be answered here.

Welcome to the community! Let's have some fun...

Michael michaelkillan
Kit kitrocks
Jimbo just_jimbo